The Repaint Society presents Alice Dieselpunk: Adventures in a Steam Driven Land

Alice Dieselpunk: Adventures in a steam-driven land - Herstory:

- Laurie Everton / Laurie Everton Doll Portraiture

- Costume by Rebecca's Gallery

 I thought it would be fun to get a child's interpretation of this, so this was written by my 9 year old niece, Rose.


Alice’s steampunk adventure began in a very odd way, by doing something pretty normal.  She simply wanted to visit her Grandfather.  She had never been there before or even met him and just couldn’t wait any longer.  Up to this point she really knew nothing about him other than his nicknames; “clockmaster” and “father of time.”

She gets to her grandfather's and knocks on the door.  He opens the door and says, “Well hello hello!  I finally get to meet my granddaughter!”, and gives her a big hug.

“Come in and make yourself at home”  She walks in and her eyes almost pop out of her head!  She was amazed at what seemed to be thousands and thousands of clocks!  Alice tried not to say anything, but just had to ask, “Where did you get all of these clocks?”  “I made them.” he replied.

Alice asked if she could take a look around, and of course he said yes.  She went to the back of the room and saw a huge grandfather clock standing in the corner.  She wiped off the dust and suddenly fell into the clock.  Amazingly this took her to another dimension.  To a steampunk world.  Where everyone and everything looked strangely familiar but different too, including herself.  In this world they all called her “Alice Deiselpunk” and this is where her steampunk adventure begins…

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