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The Huntsman's Heart

The, literally, heart-breaking story of the huntsman set me on a course to restore this gentle spirit and give him the heroic end he deserved. He had such a great respect for and connection with animals, and shed tears for them all, even as he neede...

Rumpelstiltskin: The Dark One

Will be created by:

Jennifer Sutherland of Sutherland Art Studio

Rumpelstiltskin was named a coward by his village and his wife, who left him for a pirate. When Rumpelstiltskin's son is being forced into the Ogre Wars too soon Rumpel finds he...

Snow White

Will be created by

Laurie Everton Doll Portraiture

Snow White, born a princess to a father who adored her but who married Regina who saved Snow's life only to have her murder him and exile Snow from her own castle. And all because Snow had innocently betrayed h...

Prince Charming

Will be created by:

Susan Hook of My Immortals

David was born to sheep farmers. To save his farm, David's father sold his twin brother to a king. Many years later, David's twin brother is killed and the king needs a replacement to help slay a dragon for an...

Rockabilly Ruby

Will be created by:

Lulemee - OOAK Doll Pop Art

Entertained by August’s stories of visiting exotic places, Ruby distractedly talks with him, though she is supposed to be working. From the diner counter, Granny calls her over, but she tries to buy herself m...

Captain Hook: Killian

Will be created by

Lisa Ramsammy of The Doll Place

During one of many adventures, Killian stops by a tavern after his ship is in port. He saves a woman, Milah, from a drunk's unwanted attention by punching the man. Charming Milah with a gentlemanly k...

Warrior Belle

Will be created by:

Monica Kohnke of Monica K Star Dolls

Belle  sits in a tavern and takes note of a group of men organizing an expedition to hunt a monster called the Yaoguai that terrorizes a distant kingdom. She joins the hunters.

Belle rea...

Young Regina

Will be created by

Donna Brinkley of Designs by Donna

In Fairy Tale Land, a younger, softer Regina flawlessly rides her saddle-less horse over several jump obstacles while her proud father looks on. After she jumps off her horse, her father says it was beauti...

The Snow Queen

Will be created by:

Ann Motzler of AM Art and Design

Princess Ingrid, better known as the Snow Queen is the aunt of Queen Elsa. When she discovered her powers her sisters promised to help her conceal them with ribbons of solidarity.

Some years later Ingrid e...

Snow White: Second Wedding Riding Outfit

Will be created by:

Noel Cruz of Unmasked Faces

Prince Charming Snow White to meet up with him at his mother's cabin. While fleeing, she is apprehended by the Leviathan, Lancelot, who brings her to King George. When given a cup of...

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