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Becky Unger is working hard on this amazing costume for Wicked by Lisa Gates. It is looking gorgeous!

So much work goes into each and every doll. Wicked is going to be... Wicked! Also a little look at Dark Swan's pants. Sneak Peek of her coming soon!

Around 1999/2000 I discovered the doll repainting world after I had found some success in watercolor fantasy art. My sister sent me an article about Renee Coughlin of One and Only Dolls. I was mesmerized and knew I had found my calling.

The first doll art I created was...

"I chose the Blind Witch because she is such an unusually fascinating creature we don't see enough of on the show and I really relished the thought of creating her as an OOAK doll."

Lisa Ramsammy

This doll is going to be amazing! Just take a look at these progress pictu...

"Hello fellow doll collectors and kindred spirits! Laurie Lenz here. I’m a blessed wife,  and a mother of five amazing children that I happily homeschool. I teach middle school and high school art, and I have a dream job of creating one of a kind dolls! 

The doll o...

Cinderella's gown is absolutely stunning! Here is a little sneak peek at the progress of Cheryl Jax's Cinderella doll!

My life has been filled with many forms of art- I have always had some sort of art project in process. Early on, I learned to sew at my grandmother’s side,  though sewing was not the only art expression I enjoyed. I loved drawing as a child and later studied watercolor...

Once Upon a Time has such a vast cast of characters, it was certainly a difficult job to decide which I wanted to create.

The heart and soul of the show are its love affairs, whether true or twisted. Emma and Graham, then subsequently Hook, Regina and Henry, Belle...


"My name is Anne. I always was an art girl and a fashion victim. I started drawing my favorite characters early. I am a huge movie and TV series fan and I really enjoy creating art out of my favorites.

I started as a collector at first and then got i...

 "I chose a character that would allow me to combine my love of dancers with my love of faeries. When I looked at photos of the Blue Fairy character, I thought she looked like an amalgam of sky dancer, dragonfly, and fairy. I don't know much about the character, but sh...


"My name is Kedra Menish and I have been repainting since 2003. I love painting various types of dolls but I truly love to create the dark ones, which is why I chose Maleficent for my character project. I have been fascinated with this character since I was a little gi...

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