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About the artist: Hello, and welcome to my own little world of dolls. I began repainting Gene Dolls back in November, 1999. It all started when I saw the most beautiful doll I had ever seen - Josette, a Dark Shadows repaint by Laurie Leigh. I was entranced!! I wanted t...

Sherry send us a quick peek at Belle's shoes! They have been painted light blue and then a coat of pearlized white to get a metallic finish look. Just beautiful. We know the rest of her is going to be just perfect.

"I will be recreating Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time for our project! I am particularly excited about creating him because he seems like a challenge. I love repainting the male dolls, but when they require extra work.. that's where I get excited. I guess I like...

Check out this gorgeous jewelry for Cheryl Jax's Cinderella by Facets by Marcia!

"I have always loved barbie but was really moved in 1992 by Bob Mackie's Neptune. My collecting blossomed after I received her as a Christmas gift. Then in  1996 I discovered Gene at a local doll shop and my first purchase was Bird of Paradise. Grow...

Here is a little video Sneak Peek of The Wicked Witch's costume by Becky Unger! The repaint will be by Lisa Gates.

The costume is simply gorgeous! Enjoy!

"My name is Deborah Connelly-Bombich. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I have been drawing since I was 5 years old. I have had some art training, I went to Saturday Morning Art classes when I was in elementary school. They were in the Carnegie Museum i...

We just gave you a sneak peek of the Huntsman's Heart and now we are giving you a bit more of a look at Susan's superior craftsmanship!

Susan said:

“I’ve been watching and re-watching the episode “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” so that I can become familiar with the chara...

"Hello, I'm Donna Brinkley. Born & raised in Ohio, I was taught to draw by my artist dad just as soon as I could hold a pencil. I was sketching horses before I started kindergarten, and got to indulge my love of art by taking gallery classes at the Cleveland Art Museum...

"A complex, beautiful woman, Milah is deeply disappointed by her weak, cowardly and ineffectual husband, Rumpelstiltskin, and eventually begins to live a life of adventure tainted by her guilt at leaving her young son, Baelfire behind. I want to attempt to capture her...

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