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My choice for TRS Women on Fire is Black Panther’s Shuri, perfectly portrayed by Letitia Wright. A brilliant scientist and fierce, fearless warrior, she is also a quirky, sassy little sister, loyal to her beloved big brother, King T’Challa. Her expressive face has an e...

I chose Okoye because she represents the strength of every woman, is a role model and gives hope to every little girl out there to be whoever you chose to be in life.

I chose Molly Weasley for the Women on Fire project because she is an amazing and loving Mother, and who in the heart of adversity against one of the most powerful wizards ever, Bellatrix LeStrange, she rose to the challenge, was incredibly brave, and saved not just he...

 I chose Harley Quinn because, despite her flaws, she is unbreakable - and she can face anything with a laugh!

I chose Catwoman,because the Michelle Pfeiffer Version was always my favorite .And i love her transformation through the Movie.

I chose Julia Roberts character “Vivian Ward”
because I have always loved the movie “Pretty Woman” A story of a woman who turns her life around, beating all the odds and getting the man of her dreams in the end. - Laurie Everton

I chose Lagertha as she has a many-faceted strength. She has been a homemaker and mother, a shield maiden warrior, can lead an army of men, a queen ruling her people and most of all she fiercely loyal to her family.

I chose Black Widow because she is one of my favorite movie characters, her and Gal Gadot. Shari Marscheider

I chose my character because collecting dolls should be fun and bring people together. My daughter and I absolutely love Liv and we love watching iZombie together. What could be more fun than making a character we both love?

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