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Right here are all of the links in ONE PLACE! 

 Above you will find some of the dolls are already sold. Don't miss the chance to get your favorite! Go to our Facebook page and message us there is you have any questions or cannot find the artist you are looking for....

Bettering a Kingdom! 

We all know the ending to Beauty and the Beast but what we don’t know their ever after story.

Belle proved to be educated, independent, inventive and a caring person.  She was a doer, not afraid to challenge the status quo. So it should not surprise...

Being that it is Belle, I am more familiar with the character due to the recent movie and have fallen in love with the live action movie. 

Doing some research on alternate Belle costuming and some concept ideas from cosplayers, I decided on what will most likely be a st...

The fairytale land is being turned upside down!

Becky will be creating her own vision on the character, Belle.

Redux meaning resurgent - to begin again.

Sherry send us a quick peek at Belle's shoes! They have been painted light blue and then a coat of pearlized white to get a metallic finish look. Just beautiful. We know the rest of her is going to be just perfect.

"Hello, I am Monica Kohnke, and I have been tinkering with dolls and paints for about 10 years now. I initially got inspired by beauty artists like Laurie Lenz, and Melissa Tomasello. Later I found  celebrity repainters like Susan Hook, Deborah Bombich and Laurie Leigh...

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