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I chose Molly Weasley for the Women on Fire project because she is an amazing and loving Mother, and who in the heart of adversity against one of the most powerful wizards ever, Bellatrix LeStrange, she rose to the challenge, was incredibly brave, and saved not just he...

SHOW:                   June Brides

REVEAL DATE:    June 17, 2018 (subject to change)

ARTIST:                 Cheryl Black Jackson of Dolls by Cheryl Jax

CHARACTER:      Maria Nunez...

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Maria Nunez to Tony Wyzek in a secret ceremony on June 17th at noon est on The Repaint Society. 

(date is subject to change)

Evil Transformed! 

When last we saw Aurora, she was having a romantic dance with her dreamy Prince Phillip, but back in the thorn brush, a tiny part of Maleficent remained. This part grew stronger by the day, until one day, many years later, she became full strength and...

I chose Aurora for the Fantasy Redux project because she has always been my favorite Disney princess. All of the romance about that magical true loves kiss just always got me. Plus I loved her singing voice!

My inspiration for Aurora, Queen of Thorns comes from many pi...

By Samantha Danson

Today we visit with Cheryl Black Jackson, long time repainter, teacher, mother of teens and recent world traveler (she just returned from South Africa)!

How many shows have you been involved with?

I have been in 2 TRS projects thus far: the Once Upon a...

The fairytale land is being turned upside down!

Cheryl will be creating her own vision on the character, Aurora.

Redux meaning resurgent - to begin again.

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