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Every Wish Has A Twist! As far as Sultans go, Aladdin was one of the best, following in the footsteps of his father-in-law with all the right qualities of a suc

Bettering a Kingdom! 

We all know the ending to Beauty and the Beast but what we don’t know their ever after story.

Belle proved to be educated, independent, inventive and a caring person.  She was a doer, not afraid to challenge the status quo. So it should not surprise...

In another Life...

Měng lóng nǚshén sat on top of the mountain and looked down to the humans. A woman was carrying water…a child was playing with a little puppy, trying to make it jump over a little stone, a man was working hard in the rice fields…fighting against the d...

Evil Transformed! 

When last we saw Aurora, she was having a romantic dance with her dreamy Prince Phillip, but back in the thorn brush, a tiny part of Maleficent remained. This part grew stronger by the day, until one day, many years later, she became full strength and...

A troll hunting we will go...

The idea to turn her into a hunter was very early in my head. Then I

rewatched the movie and Edward is hunting a troll so she was born as

Troll Hunter. And I love steampunk so it was logical that this would

be involved.

This is the story of Red Riding Hood - Princess Rua, Guardian of the Forest.

Pocahontas in an alternate Steampunk world where she is now Matoaka: Guardian of the Flowing Waters including all rivers and oceans. It is her sacred duty to protect and defend all  bodies of water through travel and shamanism.

A True Calling Revealed! 

Becoming the Highlands Huntress

      She sat down on the log and reached over to scratch behind the great hound's ear. A motion unconscious to the both of them, yet giving comfort to each.

"How long have I been at this," she pondered. ...

Tick Tock! I thought it would be fun to get a child's interpretation of this, so this was written by my 9 year old niece, Rose. "Alice Dieselpunk - Adventures in

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