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Where once stood a defeated girl in tattered clothing, stood a one woman force for good, a force to be reckoned with.

I picked Tiana because I had a vision of her the moment I saw her name. She is Disney's first African American princess, she's beautiful, independent, and saucy. Then there's New Orleans and it leant itself to so many possibilities with her character concept...but I ch...

I picked La Esmeralda. Being of "Gypsy" blood myself, I was drawn to this character because of the unique things I can bring to this


Gypsies are rather mysterious and I'm bringing a very dark side to her.

When picking Merida, I thought it would be fun to take the character beyond the traditional happy ending and throw in a twist to her story. So in my version, something else goes wrong with the witch's spell and Merida gains an expanded life span and is charged with the...

I chose Alice because she is my favorite character. I love all her strange adventures and odd friends she meets along the way. I also love the steampunk style, and have for quite some time. It seems natural to tie the two together ( and what fun! )

I found inspiration...

Why Elsa? 

I picked out Elsa as my princess because I liked the fact that she is not perfect, 100% good or 100% nice. She is flawed, insecure, does not always make the right choices. In part, she is the bad guy in her own story which is very different than the tradition...

The concept for Ariel is a sort of mash-up between The Little Mermaid and Red Sonja. A few years back I created a Red Sonja doll and I so enjoyed the doll and creating the armor I naturally went in this direction with Ariel. What if the princess of Atlantica became its...

By Samantha Danson

And bringing in our last interview is the very talented Lisa Gates of Dazzle'Em Repaints who, while having been a longtime member of The Repaint Society, is taking part in her first show!

So this is your first show?

This is my first! I started to p...

by Samantha Danson

Today I'll be interviewing myself, Sam of Halo Repaints. I'm so happy

to be returning with this group of talented women for another run at

bringing beloved characters to life.

How many shows have you been involved with?

This will be my 4th. Crazy how fast...

By Samantha Danson

Toni Brown of Bordello Dolls has been wowing fans for years with her bold painting and realistic hair. Today she talks about her participation with TRS and what we can look forward to this fall.

How many shows have you been involved with?

I've been invo...

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