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Susan Hook of My Immortals will be recreating "cool" Jon Snow from Game of Thrones with a modern twist. And we can't wait to see him!

Right here are all of the links in ONE PLACE! 

 Above you will find some of the dolls are already sold. Don't miss the chance to get your favorite! Go to our Facebook page and message us there is you have any questions or cannot find the artist you are looking for....

Available Dolls Private Sale and eBay

Click here for more pictures of Synderella! Please contact SUSAN HOOK of My Immortals if you are interested in Synderella: Glass Kicker. 

Click here for more pictures of Princess Rua! Please click for the EBAY AUCTION if you are inte...

Where once stood a defeated girl in tattered clothing, stood a one woman force for good, a force to be reckoned with.

The fairytale land is being turned upside down!

Susan will be creating her own vision on the character, Cinderella.

Redux meaning resurgent - to begin again.

The excitement is mounting with each new peek! An exact miniature!

Character + Artist Reveal

Young Jedi Luke Skywalker, portrayed by Mark Hamill.

He will be created by Susan Hook of My Immortals.

Susan has participated in all of The Repaint Society shows and is our webmaster and one of our founders and administrators.

For more of Sus...

My Immortals by Susan Hook

will be creating:

The Huntsman and Prince Charming

Available: October 16, 2016

Susan's AMAZING Huntsman. Seeing it moving gives you a better appreciation of the beautiful details and true artistry that went into the amazing doll. And wait until you see his face! 50 shades of gorgeous!

"Susan’s journey to repainting started in a dark past filled with the night terrors induced by the 3 foot tall, unblinking, abomination called the Patty Play Pal doll that stood in her bedroom corner as a child. She emerged scarred, scared and a bit damp from wetting h...

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