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Synderella - Glass Kicker came to me when I decided I didn't want my princess to be all about the man. In contrast, I wanted her to be a hero for herself and the abused. A warrior forging her own way.

The concept design came from a lot of sources, though I had a picture...

By Samantha Danson 

Whether creating her own sculpts, fashioning miniature armor, or weaving intricate buckles from wire, Susan Hook from My Immortal's true gift is to make her incredible work look effortless. Today we

hear how she envisions her newest character.

How many...

She is going to be awesome. We all know it.

Character + Artist Reveal

Padmé Packing: On Coruscant AOTC: Portrayed by Natalie Portman.

She will be created by Susan Hook of My Immortals.

Please check Susan's past work on our website. Click on her picture for more information.

Susan's Charming is so amazing. Every little detail! Even the designing of the fabric and having it made. Wow

"I gave up my heart so that the Queen would spare Snow's. Don't let my sacrifice be in vain."

The Huntsman

Susan Hook shows us again why she is the BOSS! Check out the Huntsman's Heart that Regina ripped out of his chest and used it to control him. It actually...

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