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"I gave up my heart so that the Queen would spare Snow's. Don't let my sacrifice be in vain."

The Huntsman

Susan Hook shows us again why she is the BOSS! Check out the Huntsman's Heart that Regina ripped out of his chest and used it to control him. It actually...

My life has been filled with many forms of art- I have always had some sort of art project in process. Early on, I learned to sew at my grandmother’s side,  though sewing was not the only art expression I enjoyed. I loved drawing as a child and later studied watercolor...

Prince Charming

Will be created by:

Susan Hook of My Immortals

David was born to sheep farmers. To save his farm, David's father sold his twin brother to a king. Many years later, David's twin brother is killed and the king needs a replacement to help slay a dragon for an...

Rockabilly Ruby

Will be created by:

Lulemee - OOAK Doll Pop Art

Entertained by August’s stories of visiting exotic places, Ruby distractedly talks with him, though she is supposed to be working. From the diner counter, Granny calls her over, but she tries to buy herself m...

Young Regina

Will be created by

Donna Brinkley of Designs by Donna

In Fairy Tale Land, a younger, softer Regina flawlessly rides her saddle-less horse over several jump obstacles while her proud father looks on. After she jumps off her horse, her father says it was beauti...


Will be created by:

Laurie Lenz of Angels Doll studio

From her tower window, Rapunzel notices a man digging up night root. Since he is the first person she's seen in a long time, the princess calls to him for help. The man, Prince Charming, climbs up the tower us...

Glinda: The Good Witch

Will be created by:


Anne Motzler Art and Design

In a sisterhood of witches, Glinda, the Witch of the South, along with the Witch of the East and the Witch of the North, protect Oz with each of their magic affinities. Only the fourth seat of the si...

Zelena "The Wicked Witch"

Will be created by:


Lisa Ramsammy of The Doll Place


The wickedly beautiful Zelena in her not so green state can blend right in with everyone else. Zelena has some serious abandonment issues. Given up as a baby by Cora, Zelena was raised with no...

Regina: The Evil Queen

Will be created by:


Monica Kohnke - Monica Star Dolls


The Evil Queen bursts through the doors at Prince Charming and Snow White's wedding knowing she has lost the battle, but she is not defeated. She tells them she has a gift for them, this happy...

Belle French "The Beauty"

Will be created by:


Sherry Isenbarger -  Sisen Designs



Belle agreed to go away with Rumpelstiltskin so that he would save her family and kingdom from the Ogre Wars.  A true sacrifice , she was happy to give her life for the ones she loved...

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