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Art by Lulemee

will be creating:

Emma and Ruby

Available: October 16, 2016

Kuzey Creations by Aysun Kuzey

will be creating:

Mad Hatter and Mulan

Available: October 16, 2016

Could you just die over this gown made by the amazing Cindy Friesen. Jaw dropping. Now imagine Sam's repaint wearing it. Sigh...

Designs by Donna (Donna Brinkley)

will be creating:

Milah and Young Regina

Available: October 16, 2016

"The stunning Emilie De Ravin is doing a perfect job capturing the inquisitive and naïve view of the world of our Belle. As a counterpart to the ferocious beast (Rumpel) we can see their human side, their qualities and defects, not as fairy tales characters, but as hum...

 "I chose a character that would allow me to combine my love of dancers with my love of faeries. When I looked at photos of the Blue Fairy character, I thought she looked like an amalgam of sky dancer, dragonfly, and fairy. I don't know much about the character, but sh...

"Growing up very poor in my country of birth, I quickly learned to adapt and find creative ways to escape from life's harsh realities. Art and fairy tale stories are two of the foremost things that helped me during these rough years. The fairy tale stories provided an...

"Having Grown up loving Fairy tales, I have been a fan of the television show Once Upon a Time ever since episode one. When the group announced it was going to proceed with the OUAT project I immediately put my hand up for Belle. Of all the wonderful tales and stories,...

Warrior Belle

Will be created by:

Monica Kohnke of Monica K Star Dolls

Belle  sits in a tavern and takes note of a group of men organizing an expedition to hunt a monster called the Yaoguai that terrorizes a distant kingdom. She joins the hunters.

Belle rea...

Young Regina

Will be created by

Donna Brinkley of Designs by Donna

In Fairy Tale Land, a younger, softer Regina flawlessly rides her saddle-less horse over several jump obstacles while her proud father looks on. After she jumps off her horse, her father says it was beauti...

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