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Laurie Leigh of Beautiful faces will be creating Lily James as Cinderella in Disney's Live Action Cinderella.

samantha danson of Halo repaints will be recreating Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Susan Hook of My Immortals will be recreating "cool" Jon Snow from Game of Thrones with a modern twist. And we can't wait to see him!

Happy October! It has been a long summer but the artists are ready to get back at it and create some beautiful dolls for you!

The theme is: Baby, It's Cold Outside

16" Tonner dolls will be recreated into beautiful interpretations of winter characters. Meaning they can c...

SHOW:                   June Brides

REVEAL DATE:    June 17, 2018 (subject to change)

ARTIST:                 Donna Brinkley of Designs by Donna

CHARACTER:      Laura Spencer portray...

Right here are all of the links in ONE PLACE! 

 Above you will find some of the dolls are already sold. Don't miss the chance to get your favorite! Go to our Facebook page and message us there is you have any questions or cannot find the artist you are looking for....

Blowing off steam....

In my story, Tinker Bell is a young fairy who grows tired of Peter's
shenanigans and falls in love with Industrial Age London on one of
their many trips recruiting Lost Boys.

Years of hanging out in Neverland has been fun and all but Tink yearns f...

Pocahontas in an alternate Steampunk world where she is now Matoaka: Guardian of the Flowing Waters including all rivers and oceans. It is her sacred duty to protect and defend all  bodies of water through travel and shamanism.

The Disney classic "Snow White" is reimagined in the Steampunk genre - with beautiful paint and styling by artist Sashableu and steampunk ensemble by Morgan of Stardust Dolls.

This Snow White hides away from the evil queen in the dwarf's zeppelin airship and is brough...

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