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Laurie Leigh of Beautiful Faces will be recreating Kristen Stewart's version of Snow White from Snow White and the Huntsman.

Right here are all of the links in ONE PLACE! 

 Above you will find some of the dolls are already sold. Don't miss the chance to get your favorite! Go to our Facebook page and message us there is you have any questions or cannot find the artist you are looking for....

By Samantha Danson

Today we talk with Shari Marscheider of SashaBleu about her Fairytale Redux choice and how she hopes to transform her.

How many shows have you been involved with?

I've only been involved with 2 prior shows (Once Upon a Time and Star Wars).

How long does...

The fairytale land is being turned upside down!

Shari will be creating her own vision on the character, Snow White.

Redux meaning resurgent - to begin again.

"Susan’s journey to repainting started in a dark past filled with the night terrors induced by the 3 foot tall, unblinking, abomination called the Patty Play Pal doll that stood in her bedroom corner as a child. She emerged scarred, scared and a bit damp from wetting h...

"Doing the OUAT project, I chose Snow White ( bride ) because of her sweet look that is uniquely Ginnifer Goodwin. I always try to pay close attention to an actors features when deciding on what doll to do next. Ginnifer has those unique features that I love. Adding to...

Once Upon a Time has such a vast cast of characters, it was certainly a difficult job to decide which I wanted to create.

The heart and soul of the show are its love affairs, whether true or twisted. Emma and Graham, then subsequently Hook, Regina and Henry, Belle...

"Even before we selected the Once Upon a Time as our next project I was always fascinated with the Evil Queen as portrayed by Lana Parrilla, because even though she plays a villainess, she is a multifaceted character that is not pure evil, like the traditional unredeem...

"Growing up very poor in my country of birth, I quickly learned to adapt and find creative ways to escape from life's harsh realities. Art and fairy tale stories are two of the foremost things that helped me during these rough years. The fairy tale stories provided an...

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