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The concept for Ariel is a sort of mash-up between The Little Mermaid and Red Sonja. A few years back I created a Red Sonja doll and I so enjoyed the doll and creating the armor I naturally went in this direction with Ariel. What if the princess of Atlantica became its...

By Samantha Danson 

Today we talk with The Repaint Society founder, Beautiful Faces'

Laurie Leigh. Along with co-organizing the group shows, Laurie Leigh has a full plate of commission work and side projects so I was

thrilled to nab some of her time and get her thoughts o...

The fairytale land is being turned upside down!

Laurie will be creating her own vision on the character, Ariel.

Redux meaning resurgent - to begin again.

Around 1999/2000 I discovered the doll repainting world after I had found some success in watercolor fantasy art. My sister sent me an article about Renee Coughlin of One and Only Dolls. I was mesmerized and knew I had found my calling.

The first doll art I created was...

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