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SHOW:                   June Brides

REVEAL DATE:    June 17, 2018 (subject to change)

ARTIST:                 Laurie Everton of  Doll Portraiture 

CHARACTER:      Dita Von...

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Maria Nunez to Tony Wyzek in a secret ceremony on June 17th at noon est on The Repaint Society. 

(date is subject to change)

It has been a long holiday stretch but the time has finally come to announce our new show! Did you miss us? Behind the scenes the artists are already busy working away on their dolls. We are always excited when a new show is on the horizon. And we also have a few new a...

I put a spell on you...

You will find her in a small cottage hidden in the swamps of New Orleans. The frog is her totem. Her guardians from the outside world. You may go to her for a spell or potion for she has powerful magic. But beware... she is not just a voodoo prie...

Sometimes it is just about revenge...

The trolls had been a problem for a long time in the Enchanted Forest. But when Giselle's parents are killed during a troll attack she had to return to her home and join the fight.

Becoming Elle: The Troll Hunter was nothing more tha...

Pocahontas in an alternate Steampunk world where she is now Matoaka: Guardian of the Flowing Waters including all rivers and oceans. It is her sacred duty to protect and defend all  bodies of water through travel and shamanism.

"I don't want you to go."

Aerielle gazed into the fire between them. Her chin resting on her broadsword's hilt.  The flames crackled and popped. She dare not look at him for it would be her undoing.

"You know I must," she whispered.

He stirred and she allowed herself a br...

I picked La Esmeralda. Being of "Gypsy" blood myself, I was drawn to this character because of the unique things I can bring to this


Gypsies are rather mysterious and I'm bringing a very dark side to her.

Mulan will be a mix between the Chinese warrior she is and a dragon because she is a dragon goddess now. I am planning to add dragon scales on at least one arm, the back and parts of her legs. She will get claws and perhaps dragon feet. 

She will get parts of ancient C...

I chose Giselle because Enchanted is one of my favorite Disney Movies and I love Amy Adams.

I had the idea to turn her into a hunter before, but the "troll" hunter idea came to me after rewatching Enchanted, referring to Edward hunting the Troll in the beginning. A...

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