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Dawn Aldous Originals


I was that kid in school that drew pictures on all my notebook paper while sitting through boring classes. Then I became that kid that always got an "A" in Creative Writing because not only did I have a great imagination for writing but I also made pictures to go with my stories. Even though I come from an entire family of artists, I never really saw myself as an artist but more as someone with a great imagination. 

Then I realized that if I could imagine it then maybe I could find a way to create it.

I started my art career in 1998 as a teddy bear artist creating one of a kind

teddy bears and selling them online. With years of sewing background this came naturally and was tons of fun however, it was short-lived. In 2000 I discovered the wonderful world of repainting and was in awe of the transformations from factory dolls to miniature realistic humans! With no painting background, this was quite a challenge for me. I struggled to learn everything I could and spent hours a day researching photos, features, tiny details. I learned many things just from looking at what some of the other very talented repaint artists were creating. While trying to learn the repaint business I began creating evening gown fashions for the 16 inch dolls. I enjoy making modern style gowns as well as character costumes and medieval/period pieces.  I also have background in sculpture and I love anything fantasy, mythical, unexplainable or unique. Never be surprised if you see me sneaking bits and pieces of sculpture in here and there with my repaint and costume themes! 

Looking back on twenty years of hard work, learning experiences and sometimes even frustration I can say the ride has been well worth it. I love what I do and I am thrilled to be surrounded by so many extremely talented artists. 

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