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22 talented artisans and 36 dolls! Some characters have more than one version

Anakin Skywalker, Poe & Kylo Ren Laurie Leigh/Beautiful Faces

Old Ben Kenobi  & Luminaria Unduli - Sherry Isenbarger/Sisen Designs

Amidala Tatooine disquise - Cindy Lorimer/Lorimer Designs

Padmé packing & Jedi Luke - Susan Hook/My Immortals

Rey Cassian Andor - Lisa Ramsammy/The Doll Place

Leia classic - Dolls by Chery Jax

Anakin SithAhsoka Tano  - Toni Brown/Bordello Dolls

Padme Family, Snow Padme, & Jyn Erso - Monica Kohnke / MonicaKStarDolls

Old Leia & Old Luke- Donna Brinkley/Designs by Donna

Old Han Solo & Qui-Gon Jinn - Becky Unger / Rebecca's Gallery & Deborah Bombich / Just Creations

Leia Cloud City & Mon Mothma - Shari M Marscheider / Sashableu

Padmé Loyalist & Handmaiden Motee- Aysun Kuzey/Kuzey Creations

Galen Marek & Mara Jade - Samantha Danson/Halo Repaints

Luke & Yoda - Jennifer Sutherland/Sutherland Designs

Amidala Red Invasion- Anne Motzler/Art and Design

Young Han Solo & Handmaiden Dorme & Ceremony Leia - Laurie Everton/Doll Portraiture

Asajj Ventress - Flutterwing Doll by Shannon Craven

Slave Leia & Breha Organa - Julie Allan / Julie Elizabeth Art & Design

Chewbacca - Laurie Lenz/Angel Doll Studio

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