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The Repaint Society presents Alsa: High Queen of the Norsemen

Alsa: High Queen of the Norsemen -Herstory:

- Monica Kohnke / MonicaKStarDolls

The viking tribe of Aust-Agder, (what now we know as Arandelle) was the home of the High Queen Älsa Hjartais, (or Heart of Ice) who was a a great warrior and a fearsome leader to her people. Alsa never had time to love, and only wished to conquer her enemies and to make her power even greater. She made a deal with the King of the Trolls, who was known as the devil, in exchange for her human heart, and she gained the power to control ice and the storms, the snow and winds will bent to her will, her enemies frozen forever with a move from her hand. She lost the possibility of ever being able to touch another human being, unable forever to control her powers, The Troll King decreed, this curse will fall on one girl of each generation of the royal family, and can only be broken by true love. Many generations in the future of Arandelle endured the curse of the ice. What once was a powerful weapon, and the pride of the viking tribe, turned in to shame and secrecy in the following generations. Within the royal family, one princess in every generation was born with a shard of ice where their heart should be, and a touch that could kill. One princess in the royal family of Arandelle will always be Frozen until love can find a cure.