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The Repaint Society presents 16 OOAK Fairytale creations that you THOUGHT you knew!


Aerielle: Scarlet Warrior of Atlantica  - Laurie Leigh / Beautiful Faces

Synderella: Glass Kicker  - Susan Hook / My Immortals

Alsa: High Queen of the Norsemen  - Monica Kohnke / MonicaKStarDolls

Alice Dieselpunk: Adventures in a Steam Driven Land  - Laurie Everton Doll Portraiture

Princess Rua: Guardian of the Forest -Lisa Ramsammy / The Doll Place

Briar Rose: Queen of Thorns  - Cheryl Jax  / Dolls by Cheryl Jax

Belle la Rose: Beast Tamer  - Becky Unger / Rebecca’s Gallery

Miss Tynker Belle  - Samantha Danson / Halo Repaints

Elle: The Troll Hunter  - Anne Motzler / AM Art & Design

Matoaka: Guardian of the Flowing Waters  - Cindy Lorimer Design

Tatiana Labeout: Voodoo Vampire  - Kedra Barret/ Morbid Curiosity Originals

Snow Victoria Whyte  - Shari Marscheider / SashaBleu

Jasmine Al Jafar of Agrabah  - Lisa Gates / Dazzle’Em Repaints

Mulan: Meng Long Nushen -Fierce Dragon Goddess  - Aysun Kuzey / Kuzey Creations

Lady Merida: Highland Huntress  - Sherry Isenbarger / Sisen Designs

La Vampire Vadoma: Mistress of the Dark Gypsies  - Toni Brown / Bordello Doll