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My name is Lisa Gates and I have been a fashion doll artist since March 2000. I currently live in Texas, although I started Dazzle’em Repaints while living in Minnesota. 

I loved Barbie but was really moved in 1992 by Bob Mackie's Neptune.  My collecting blossomed after I received her as a Christmas gift. Then, in 1996, I discovered Gene at a local doll shop and my first purchase was Bird of Paradise. 

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I always loved to paint but my art was strictly a hobby until 1997. Around that time I began ceramic classes, which led to a couple of blue ribbons in the first two shows that I entered.  Again, I gravitated towards creating figures with faces and soft, flowing eyelashes.  I sold my creations at craft stores, by special orders and through referrals.  This led to my decision to become a certified teacher.  Clients and other students often asked me to show them how to paint eyes and facial details.   I enjoyed helping them get started. 


I have always been involved with art in some form.  As a child, my mom was great about encouraging me by always having arts and crafts around and taking me to art camp.  One of my favorite things to paint or draw is faces; with their endless possibilities for expressions and personalities.


My mother actually got me involved in repainting.  She kept sending me links to dolls that had been repainted and telling me I needed to repaint some dolls.  I did do some repainting on Barbies for my daughters.    Finally one day I was looking on Ebay and saw a repainted Gene doll.   I turned off the computer and picked up one of my Gene dolls and repainted her.  The next day I went out and bought a camera and then listed her on Ebay.  She sold!   So, I went to the local doll shop and bought another doll and tried again.  I was instantly hooked.   I have been repainting ever since and still love it as much as I did when I started.   


I am always looking to try new things and improve on my skills.  Right now I am starting to sew and sculpt things for them so that I can bring some of my visions to life.  I enjoy repainting and doing face-ups on a wide variety of dolls.     


Repainting has become my hobby, my addiction and my relaxation.  I am very blessed to be able to be creative in this manner and I am incredibly thrilled to be a part of this wonderful group.

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