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My name is Lisa Ramsammy. I live in Ontario, Canada. I was born in Trinidad and Tobago.

Art has always been a part of my life since early childhood. You could always find me with a paper and pencil sketching and doodling something. I fine tuned my artistic skills through the end of high school and graduated with a distinction in art. For a few years I was a photographer on the race track taking photos of the horses and the

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races, selling my photos to owners and trainers. I even won best racing photograph one year with a thrilling finish. Some saw my artwork and asked why don't I try painting the horses? From there I did many equine portraits by commission both in Trinidad and Barbados. It is through horse racing I met my husband Emile as he was embarking on a successful career as a jockey .


We immigrated to Canada, got married and started a family and that was my main focus for a few years while still doing the odd equine portrait commission. 


One trainer from Trinidad - Joe Hadeed upon his retirement from horse racing did his autobiography of his career and graced the book cover duly titled "Under The Fiddlewood Tree" with a painting I did of him sitting under a tree watching his horses train. It was his favorites and one of my many paintings done for him.


After three boys and many miscarriages in between I often wondered if I would ever have a daughter and I started collecting dolls - vintage Barbie, Disney etc in hopes one day I would hand them down to a daughter or granddaughter. Then came Integrity Toy's Fashion Royalty dolls and their convention in Canada. I entered my first ever repaint/design competition not really having a clue how to repaint properly or even the right sized brush for such a tiny face! I placed 2nd and it encouraged me to learn and try to improve. It was difficult adapting my painting skills to a tiny doll face! 


This brought me to discover Ebay and doll magazines such as Haute Doll and FDQ with various articles and features on other doll artists. I stumbled into the doll repaint world in 2004. I was fascinated and decided to take a serious approach and try my art on such a small scale. Deeply inspired by artists Laurie Leigh-"Beautiful Faces" and Noel Cruz, who were very helpful with advice, as well as Cindy Lorimer, Karen Kay, Vanessa Tull-"Star Studio", Isabelle Ashing, Lisa Gates who took the time to answer questions from someone striving to learn about technique, painting products, doll making materials, photography tips, etc., yet stay true to my own style. I've been fine tuning my skills ever since. I am grateful to them.


I mainly sell my repainted dolls on EBay. I repaint 13" Integrity dolls as well as 16" and 17" Tonner dolls. I do my own when I have time.


My professional Facebook page is where I upload photos of my work as they are done and sometimes in progress.


I enjoy photographing my repaints very much. They take on a life of their own when they are all dressed up and posing. It's like the icing on the cake!


I have entered Integrity Toys design competition annually at their doll conventions over  a ten year span and won numerous awards including their first advanced design competition 2013 where the winner would be put into production. Judged by fashion designer Jason Wu, my winning entry "Edge," was produced by Integrity Toys in 2014.


I have people enjoying my art in different forms - horse portraits, people portraits,still life and doll portraits. I love art and admire the art of others.


In life I strive to always do things well and feel my art is a reflection of this. I enjoy it immensely and can only hope it brings joy to others as it does to myself. I am always eager to learn and develop my technique and try new things. I am thankful to all who have supported me in my art and my doll repaints over the years.


It is a privilege and an honor to be in the company of this esteemed group of artists I can call friends! 

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