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Maria Elaine-Dolls by Maria

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Dolls by Maria


My name is Maria Magher, and I fully repaint and transform fashion dolls of all types to look like celebrities, fantasy characters, and everyday people. I have been creating one-of-a-kind dolls since 2001, though I was a collector and an enthusiast long before that.I have always been an artistic person, though I’ve never received any formal art training. My grandmother taught me how to sew and do other needlepoint when I was just a child,

and I’ve always been interested in creating fashions and other pieces of art. When I was younger, I thought I would become an “artist,” though I had no idea what that meant! I just liked to create :)

As a doll collector since childhood, I spent a lot of time searching for deals and rare dolls on ebay, and that’s where I discovered OOAK dolls. I knew that I wanted to create them since they were the perfect marriage between my love of dolls and my love of art.

Some of the earliest artists I saw were people like Dan Lee, American Jezebels and Laurie Leigh. I was nowhere near their talent level when I started making dolls in 2001 (nor am I now, all these years later), but I loved what I was doing and was so happy to have found this new art form. 

I work with all types of dolls, but I love working with the Tonner dolls the most. They have the best variety of sculpts, and I love working in that scale.

I am always learning new things to improve my repainting and my costuming, and I hope that by being a part of The Repaint Society, I will only get better. I look forward to the challenges of the shows put on by this group, and I can’t wait to rise to them!