Day Nine: The Evil Queen

Regina: The Evil Queen

Will be created by:


Monica Kohnke - Monica Star Dolls


The Evil Queen bursts through the doors at Prince Charming and Snow White's wedding knowing she has lost the battle, but she is not defeated. She tells them she has a gift for them, this happy day, for after she has something horrible planned for them and they will go to a place where there are no happily ever afters. She promises, "I will destroy your happiness if it is the last thing I do."


But to enact this dark curse Regina must give up the thing she loves most and she may never be able to return from the darkness. Her rage is stronger than her love and she creates the curse that will make all of the fairy-tale characters go to a town called Storybrooke, Maine where there is no magic, where time stands still and where no one knows who they are. Only The Evil Queen, now Regina Mills the mayor, knows the truth.


Regina's story comes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and portrayed by the wickedly beautiful Lana Parrilla. 






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