Day Sixteen: Mr. Gold


Mr. Gold aka Crocodile or Beast

Will Be created by:


Becky Unger of Rebecca's Gallery 

Repaint will be by Deborah Connelly-Bombich of Just Creations


In Storybrooke, he is Mr. Gold, the owner of a pawn shop and the town's wealthiest resident. Like everyone else except Regina, he does not remember his true identity until Emma comes to town and tells him her name. A prevision Rumpelstiltskin aka The Dark One added to the curse.


Mr. Gold's pawn shop holds all the mysteries of the Enchanted Forest and while he has many secrets, his true reason for helping Regina with the dark curse was to find his son, Baelfire, with whom he sent from the Enchanted Forest with a magic bean with Baelfire was a child.


He also believes his love, Belle, is long dead but soon discovers Regina has kept her locked away. She does not remember who she is so Mr. Gold has to work hard to convince the girl she is his one true love.


Mr. Gold's story was derived from the fairy-tale of Rumpelstiltskin and is portrayed by the wickedly talented Robert Carlyle. The part of Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold was specifically written for the actor.





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