Day Eighteen: Blue Fairy

Blue Fairy: Reul Ghorm

Will be created by:


Cindy Lorimer of Cindy Lorimer Design


The Blue Fairy is known in the land of the Enchanted Forest as "Reul Ghorm", and legend has it if someone calls for her help, their wish can be granted. She comes to assist a young village boy named Baelfire and hears out his story concerning his father, Rumpelstiltskin, who is the Dark One. He desperately wishes for a way he and his father can be together without magic getting in the way. The Blue Fairy acknowledges that his father can never be as he once was, but they can go to another land where magic does not exist at all, and gives him the last magic bean in existence. Later she is summoned by Rumpelstiltskin and learns the Dark One let his son go into the portal alone. She blames him for the foolish mistake, stating that there is no way for him to reach his son without paying a great price by giving up this land for the next. The Blue Fairy accidentally lets it slip that there is a curse which can do this, but firmly believes Rumpelstiltskin can never pull it off.


The Blue Fairy is based on the Fairy with Turquoise Hair from the children's novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy from the Disney film, Pinocchio. She is portrayed by the illuminous Keegan Connor Tracy.




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