Day Nineteen: Cinderella


Will be created by:


Cheryl Jackson on Dolls by Cheryl Jax

Jewelry by Marcia Friend of Jewelry by Facets

Costume by Janie Hunt


For years, Cinderella often sees fireworks coming from a nearby castle whenever a celebration is going on. Although not known for how long, she works as a housemaid in her stepmother's manor. During one evening, she sees her stepmother and two stepsisters dressed in gowns as they leave in a carriage for a royal ball. She watches them with longing, and after they are gone, her Fairy Godmother arrives to grant her wish to attend the ball and meet her prince. Before the fairy can work her magic, she is killed by Rumplestiltskin's fireball. He, in turn, collects the Fairy Godmother's wand as Cinderella is drawn into signing a deal with him so she can change her life permanently. As part of the contract, she'll forfeit something precious to him in the future. Desperate, she agrees and Rumpelstiltskin transforms her rags into a beautiful gown. At the ball, Prince Thomas falls in love with her. On the eve of their wedding celebration, Cinderella happily watches the fireworks display on the balcony before she and Thomas go into the ballroom to greet their guests. As a waltz begins, she dances with Thomas' father, who teasingly hints at his desire for a grandchild. Prince Charming offers good wishes for a happy marriage before Thomas cuts in, but Cinderella is then whisked off for some time with Snow White, who is proud of her for changing her life. Changing partners again, Cinderella is shocked to see Rumpelstiltskin, and even more stunned when he asks for her first-born child as part of their deal.


Cinderella is from the story by the Brothers Grimm and is portrayed by the enchanting Jessy Schram.





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