Twenty-Five: The Dark Swan

The Dark Swan: The Dark One

Will be created by:


Beautiful Faces by Laurie Leigh

Costume by Becky Unger of Rebecca's Gallery


When Rumpelstiltskin kills his father, Pan, he disappears, releasing the Dark Curse to consume it's next soul. Emma, concerned for Regina and Henry, takes the darkness into herself and vanishes, leaving behind the dagger with her name scrolled across it.


Emma's friends and family find her in the land of King Arthur's court and seek the help of Merlin to free Emma of the dark curse.


Emma, normally the savior, must battle her new dark urges before they consume and take her over forever. Each time she is forced to use her dark magic to help the people she loves, she falls deeper and deeper into the darkness herself. Emma's family and friends fight for her salvation.


One day, Emma has returned everyone to Storybrooke, their memories erased and Emma fully transformed into The Dark Swan. No one, except Emma, knows what happened and the evil secret she keeps.


Emma Swan's story is loosely based on "The Ugly Duckling" and she is portrayed by Jennifer Morrison who the producers of the show wanted all along.




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