Day Twenty-Seven: Snow White

Snow White: Second Wedding Riding Outfit

Will be created by:


Noel Cruz of Unmasked Faces


Prince Charming Snow White to meet up with him at his mother's cabin. While fleeing, she is apprehended by the Leviathan, Lancelot, who brings her to King George. When given a cup of water, she drinks it, and only after this, King George smugly explains that the water has cursed her to be barren. Afterwards, she is let go, but Lancelot follows her into the forest. Furious at his affiliation with King George, she attacks him, but he begs her to spare him because he, too, was unaware of the poison in the cup. She allows him to come with her and together, they return to Prince Charming, but discover his mother Ruth has been injured by a poisoned arrow. On their journey to Lake Nostos to obtain water to heal the wound, Ruth shows Snow White a necklace her own mother had given her, which can predict the gender of a woman's first child. She tries it out on Snow White, but nothing happens, to which the princess admits to being cursed to never bear children. Finding the lake completely dry except a few water droplets, Snow White refuses Ruth's offer to drink the water and lift her inability to have children. In an act of sacrifice, Ruth secretly pretends to ingest the water, but she later gives the lake water to Lancelot for Snow White. Ruth's wound refuses to heal, which leads everyone to believe she requires more of the lake's water. As her dying wish, she asks to see her son and Snow White married. During the ceremony, Lancelot slips the lake water into a cup, and explains it is rumored to have magical properties for immortality, to which Snow White drinks from it. Soon after, Ruth passes away and Prince Charming burns a candle for his mother. Snow White is apologetic that he is losing the last of his family, but Prince Charming is grateful to have her as his wife since they will have children of their own. She looks on, visibly distraught, when he pulls out Ruth's necklace and tests it on her. Miraculously, the necklace begins to swing, leading Snow White to figure out that Ruth had Lancelot switch the lake water into the cup for the marriage ceremony.


Snow White's original story comes from the Brothers Grimm "Schneewittchen" published in 1812 and later adapted into the first full length animated feature "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" by Walt Disney. The character is played by the fair Ginnifer Goodwin.






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