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Day Twenty-Eight: The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

Will be created by:


Ann Motzler of AM Art and Design


Princess Ingrid, better known as the Snow Queen is the aunt of Queen Elsa. When she discovered her powers her sisters promised to help her conceal them with ribbons of solidarity.


Some years later Ingrid ends up using her powers and accidentally killing one of her sisters. The other sister, the mother of Anna and Elsa, entrap Ingrid in an urn.


Ingrid is released from the urn by Hans who is trying to entrap Elsa. After realizing her other sister has perished and Elsa has inherited her powers, Ingrid wants to heal her family and begins to teach Elsa.


Ingrid ends up in Storybrooke, she enacts a curse called Spell of Shattered Sight but ends it with her demise to rejoin her sisters.


The Snow Queen was an original fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen and is portrayed by the breathtaking Elizabeth Mitchell.




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