Day Thirty: Young Regina

Young Regina

Will be created by


Donna Brinkley of Designs by Donna


In Fairy Tale Land, a younger, softer Regina flawlessly rides her saddle-less horse over several jump obstacles while her proud father looks on. After she jumps off her horse, her father says it was beautiful, giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Interrupting the moment is Regina's mother, Cora, and she does not find it beautiful. She wants Regina to be graceful and use a saddle, but Regina wants to have fun. Cora says she's too old to have fun and no one will want to marry her if she behaves like a commoner.


Regina runs to the stables. Inside, she finds the stable boy, Daniel. They are in love and Regina knows her mother would not approve.


Later Regina sees a child on a run away horse and rescues her. It turns out to be Snow White. Regina's mother arranges a meeting with Snow White's father, a widower and arranges a marriage.


Regina plans to run away with the stable boy but before she can go Snow White sees her kissing the stable boy. Regina asks her not to tell her mother, Cora, that she is running away but later Cora tricks Snow into telling her.


Cora goes to the stables and rips the stable boy's heart out, crushing it in her hand and killing him. At that moment Regina's youth dies within her and she vows vengeance on Snow White.


Regina is portrayed brilliantly by the lovely Lana Parrilla. The Story comes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.




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