Day Twenty-Nine: Warrior Belle

Warrior Belle

Will be created by:


Monica Kohnke of Monica K Star Dolls


Belle  sits in a tavern and takes note of a group of men organizing an expedition to hunt a monster called the Yaoguai that terrorizes a distant kingdom. She joins the hunters.


Belle reads a book, and tells the hunting party that the book identifies a lake as the Yaoguai's likely location, they abandon her in the road. However, she lied to them; mountains are the Yaoguai's preferred habitat, and she quickly locates its lair. But she is unable to sneak up on the creature's cave, and it emerges; it is a large quadruped with a mane of fire. Arrows are fired and the Yaoguai flees. Belle thanks her savior, who turns out to be a female warrior, Mulan, who is angry that Belle has spoiled the two weeks she spent tracking the Yaoguai. Belle explains that she found the creature much more quickly than that and offers to help find it again, but Mulan rejects the offer.


Later, the hunters confront Belle over her lie and they assault her. Mulan appears and easily fights the men off. She acknowledges that Belle's tracking skills are superior to her own, and they agree to work together in the hunt for the Yaoguai so that Mulan can save her village. The original plan is for Mulan to fight the beast after Belle tracks it, however, Mulan was injured fighting the men and is now too weak. She asks Belle to confront the Yaoguai, encouraging her to find her "warrior spirit."


Belle is able to lure the Yaoguai into the village, where she uses a water tower to douse it. After the Yaoguai collapses to the ground, it uses its claw to write a message, "Save me." Belle throws fairy dust onto the Yaoguai, and it turns into Prince Phillip. He explains that Maleficent cursed him by exiling him far from his kingdom in a monstrous form in order to keep him apart from his true love, Aurora. In thanks for saving him, Belle asks only that he help Mulan get the medical attention she needs. She takes Phillip to the woods and introduces him to Mulan, explaining what has happened. Belle then departs, planning to return to Rumpelstiltskin). She is taken prisoner by Regina, the Evil Queen, her location having been betrayed by the men from the hunt. The Queen claims she is sparing Belle from the misery of trying and failing to reform Rumpelstiltskin, but Belle defiantly shouts that she will never stop fighting for him.




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