Thirty-One: Captain Hook

Captain Hook: Killian

Will be created by


Lisa Ramsammy of The Doll Place


During one of many adventures, Killian stops by a tavern after his ship is in port. He saves a woman, Milah, from a drunk's unwanted attention by punching the man. Charming Milah with a gentlemanly kiss to her hand, Killian appeals to her sense of adventure, talking about the faraway lands he's visited. He invites her to join him, but Milah declines, out of obligation to her son and husband. Killian accepts her answer and leaves the invite open for the future, stating that he's in port often, though Milah insists her plans won't change. After her relationship with her husband continues to deteriorate, Milah disappears to the tavern, possibly to find Killian. ("Devil's Due")

In time, Milah begins spending most of her time at the tavern, gambling and drinking with Killian and his crew. He entertains her stories of his exploits, and at some point, Milah tells him about her husband, Rumpelstiltskin, whose cowardice she hates. One day, Rumpelstiltskin arrives to bring his wife home, and she initially refuses, until seeing her son Baelfire wander in and call for her. That night, Milah runs away to join Killian's crew, and by morning, rumors spread that she was kidnapped by the pirate. When Rumpelstiltskin attempts to rescue her, Killian agrees to relent only if he wins a duel against him. Too fearful of fighting, Rumpelstiltskin refuses the sword that Killian throws at him and backs out of the deal. ("The Crocodile")


As lovers, Killian and Milah travel the seas together on the Jolly Roger alongside their crew. Even so, Milah thinks of her son, Baelfire, and talks about going back to get him so the three of them can be a family. Several years later, Killian bumps into a beggar, whom he ridicules as a crocodile. The beggar reveals he is the man formerly known as Rumpelstiltskin, except he has since acquired vast power as the notorious Dark One. At first, Rumpelstiltskin asks for Milah, but Killian fibs that she died many years ago. Still believing Killian forcibly took her from him, Rumpelstiltskin takes his answer for truth and challenges the captain to a duel. More powerful than he once was, the Dark One bests Killian and begins ripping out his heart, only for Milah to stop him. Having previously caught the Dark One's associate, William Smee, trying to steal a magic bean from the Jolly Roger, she promises to hand it over if Rumpelstiltskin will spare Killian's life as well as her own. For the trade, they meet on the ship, where Rumpelstiltskin confronts his former wife for abandoning Baelfire. In spite of her regrets, Milah claims she never loved him, to which the Dark One tries grabbing the bean, but she tosses it to Killian. Furious, Rumpelstiltskin tears out Milah's heart, and as Killian cradles her in his arms, she murmurs her last vows of love to him. In the next instant, Rumpelstiltskin crushes the heart, killing Milah, before requesting the bean. Due to Killian's refusal, the Dark One cuts off his clenched left hand, which holds the bean, although the pirate previously switched it to his right hand. Reeling from the physical and emotional toll, a fuming Killian grabs a hook and stabs Rumpelstiltskin. Unaffected, the Dark One takes Killian's severed hand and teleports away. In a rage, Killian takes the hook and replaces his severed left hand with it. After burying Milah at sea, he allows Smee to join his crew before using the bean to open a portal to Neverland.


Captain Hook is portrayed by the gorgeous Colin O'Donoghue and the story comes from Peter Pan.




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