Day Thirty-Three: Prince Charming

Prince Charming

Will be created by:


Susan Hook of My Immortals


David was born to sheep farmers. To save his farm, David's father sold his twin brother to a king. Many years later, David's twin brother is killed and the king needs a replacement to help slay a dragon for another king, Midas. Rumpelstiltskin brings David to the king and he slays the dragon. But before he can return home, the king wants him to stay and marry King Midas's daughter and if he doesn't, the king will murder David's mother.


David agrees and on his travels with King Midas's daughter they are attacked by a bandit who steals the very ring David is going to propose with. David chases down and catches the thief only to discover it is Snow White. After some bantering she names him Charming.


She had sold the ring to the trolls however but she agrees the get the ring back for him, since it was his mother's. On the troll bridge, Snow sacrifices her only weapon against the evil queen to save Charming. At that moment, on the troll bridge, they knew they could no longer deny their love.


Prince Charming is portrayed by the very charming Josh Dallas, who is not only Prince Charming to Snow White but also her husband in real life. The story comes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.




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