Day Thirty-Four: Snow White

Snow White

Will be created by


Laurie Everton Doll Portraiture


Snow White, born a princess to a father who adored her but who married Regina who saved Snow's life only to have her murder him and exile Snow from her own castle. And all because Snow had innocently betrayed her trust as a child.


Snow hid in the woods, saved by the kindness of the huntsman and found her way into the cottage of the seven dwarves. But she was sad every day because she had fallen in love with Charming and he was promised to another. 


Snow and charming eventually found their way despite all that was against them, especially Regina. When everything failed for Regina, now the Evil Queen, she gave Snow a poisoned apple with the sleeping curse.


But true love's kiss broke the spell. When Snow awakened Charming said, "I will always find you." Charming and Snow had finally won. But the true darkness was yet to come when Regina promised them she would destroy their happily ever after.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was Disney's first full length animated film. He put every dime he had into the project and it was called Disney's Folly. Ginnifer Goodwin is the perfect choice for the fairest in the land.







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