Sneak Peek: Susan Hook Restores the Huntsman's Heart.


The Huntsman's Heart



The, literally, heart-breaking story of the huntsman set me on a course to restore this gentle spirit and give him the heroic end he deserved. He had such a great respect for and connection with animals, and shed tears for them all, even as he needed them for food. The only violent part of him was invoked when his beloved wolf was threatened. Regina’s dark heart only saw him as a killer, perfect for the job of fulfilling her murderous revenge, but when he read Snow’s letter, he softened and felt a kinship to her generous and loving heart.

I felt it appropriate to finish the redemption of this beautiful character, and return his heart to him in my own little fantasy of outwitting Regina.


Susan Hook of My Immortals











A light is added to make the heart glow.


Susan's husband works hard on a heart box that will store the LED light and make the heart glow.


The Huntsman cries for each animal he kills.


Regina crushes the heart to dust, killing the Huntsman.


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