Sneak Peek: Laurie Leigh Embraces her Darkness through Dark Swan


I am a Once Upon a Time fan girl. I was hooked immediately with the opening scene. The cast is incredible. For something that could be so cheesy, the actors make you believe.


I am drawn to the depth of the series when it comes to family and love. How deep hurt can be and how each person reacts to it in their own way because of their experiences. There are so many layers to the characters.


Emma takes on the darkness to protect Regina, which will protect her son, Henry. Her character fights becoming the dark one but eventually it takes her over. Jennifer Morrison's portrayal of Dark Swan is mesmerizing. The moment I saw her full transformation on screen, I knew I wanted to make a doll of her.


I don't know why I am draw to the darker characters. Regina is my favorite on the show. I think because they are so complex. They are not merely evil, but deeply wounded with a long history of tragedy. 


I think by creating these darker characters my own "darkness" comes out in my work. It is my way of expressing myself and how I feel at times. We all have a darkness, after all.


Laurie Leigh



 Some of the pieces Becky Unger sent me of the costume for Dark Swan.


 The hair progress for Dark Swan. The doll is already in in the works.



More sneak peeks to come of the progress of Dark Swan... stay tuned! 


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