Strong Female Characters Inspire Aysun Kuzey.

"On search for a show I could watch with my sons I stumbled across Once Upon A Time by accident. Soon the kids lost interest, but me - never. I continued watching, fascinated by the fact that every possible fairy tale and legends and stories are combined to a magic mix.


My choice for Mulan was because it´s the favorite character of my daughters. I love her character because she portrays a strong and independent woman. Her outfit is very challenging to sew which was also a reason to chose her.


Mulan's fabrics from top to bottom:

Black crimped silk for the sleeves, red batiste for the cape, gold net for the trim of the chest piece, black faux leather for the pants and black and red faux leather for the armor."


Aysun Kuzey


We were blown away by Aysun's Melisandre of Asshai from the Game of Thrones Project. (Another strong woman.) Her attention to details, the fine embroidery and exact match of doll and costume to the character was stunning. That hair! Which makes us particularly excited to see Mulan come to life. This costume is extraordinary.







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