Art vs Artist Cube: Sherry Isenbarger

"Having Grown up loving Fairy tales, I have been a fan of the television show Once Upon a Time ever since episode one. When the group announced it was going to proceed with the OUAT project I immediately put my hand up for Belle. Of all the wonderful tales and stories, Beauty and the Beast has always remained my favorite.


Fairy tales in many ways are little morality plays, with good winning out over evil. The heroines are beautiful, kind and good. Beauty (Belle) always struck me as a little different because she was also brave, adventurous and smart. That sense of adventure took her to live in the enchanted castle, her bravery allowed her to overcome her fear and fully understand the Beast. In the end her intelligence and compassion outweighed any prejudices and she grew to love the Beast, she became the hero of her own story and saved the Beast from his enchantment.

In the same way that the Beauty of the fairy tale saved her beast, we can only hope that the fair Belle of OUAT can save her Rumpelstiltskin. These two deserve their Happily Ever After.


My version of Belle will be as we first see she and Rumpel becoming aware of their true feelings for one another."


Sherry Isenbarger


We are very excited to see this accomplished doll maker create one of the most iconic Disney characters in Once Upon a Time. That classic blue dress and beautiful face is going to be stunning in miniature with Sherry's impeccable skills. So looking forward to the sneak peeks to come!





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