Sneak Peek: Lulemee's Passion for Fairy Tales Shines!

"Since the show OUAT aired for the first time I was hooked. I love fairy tales and Disney characters and I thought that the combination of the real life and the fairy tale world is just brilliant. Since than I didn't miss a single episode. 


Emma is one of the main characters of the show. Her character is loosely based on the story of the ugly duckling, which is one of my favorite stories since I was a child. Poor little duckling that is all alone because it is different than the others but finally finds his true family and evolves into a beautiful swan. Snow White is another favorite fairy tale I had since I was a kid.... and Emma is Snow White's daughter. So it was obvious for me that I just had to do choose Emma for the repaint society project. Jennifer Morrission, who plays Emma, is an amazing and charismatic woman, which makes it even more desirable for me, to bring her to life into doll form. 


The second character I chose is Rockabilly Ruby. The style of 50s Pin Up girls is just so tempting with red lips and eyeliner, I love (and wear ;-) ) this retro style! In the first season Ruby doesn't remember who she really is and she does not know how strong and talented she is.. that she is Red Riding Hood and a wolf, a magical creature.... but all the strength and individuality is already reflected in her cool and unique look. Besides Meghan Ory, the actress who plays Ruby, has a very beautiful and interesting face which I would love to portray as a doll."




Lulemee was a part of our last project, Game of Thrones, and  created the beautiful Shae. We really look forward to seeing her fairy tale creations come to life. Her passion for Fairy Tales and Disney shines through in her work!





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