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"Growing up very poor in my country of birth, I quickly learned to adapt and find creative ways to escape from life's harsh realities. Art and fairy tale stories are two of the foremost things that helped me during these rough years. The fairy tale stories provided an avenue for my imagination to soar to limitless heights. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was my ultimate favorite. The magic and romance of the story coupled with the conflict presented by the Evil Queen took me to a whole other place, away from my reality. Ginnifer Goodwin's Snow White was an easy and natural choice for me to recreate among the plethora of OUAT characters, as she embodies the virtues of what a real-life heroine is about - beauty, strength, courage, loyalty and love of family.



Another character from the show that I chose and suggested by my good friend Samantha Danson was Elsa. What's not to like about Elsa and her story from the original Disney animated movie - the pretty face, gorgeous long, icy hair and amazing ice queen costume. Beneath the incredibly physical beauty is a woman with real insecurities and fears despite her incredible powers. I find the challenge of being able to project those emotions in a repaint truly satisfying and rewarding." 


Noel Cruz



We are so looking forward to Noel creating Snow and Elsa! Many years ago Noel's first doll was posted on a little board called Vicky's. He was a natural. Immediately doll after doll was more stunning than the last. That trend has not changed over the last 17+ years. Noel has opened up the repainted doll world much further than the close knit family doll collecting has. Celebrities own his work. His gift is not just in recreating an uncanny likeness both with the face and the hair, but also the presentation in styling and photography. Always inspiring.


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