Art vs Artist: Monica Kohnke


"Hello, I am Monica Kohnke, and I have been tinkering with dolls and paints for about 10 years now. I initially got inspired by beauty artists like Laurie Lenz, and Melissa Tomasello. Later I found  celebrity repainters like Susan Hook, Deborah Bombich and Laurie Leigh and got hooked!


Before this, I worked as a planner and political analyst for 17 years in the country of my birth, Venezuela. I came to America seeking a safe harbor and freedom for me and my very young son in 2003.  On the way I found love, family, friends and a form of art that fills me with joy and contentment; I love my job!


I call myself a doll customizer more than a doll repainter, since I try to create a complete character from head to toe and I often fabricate every little detail.  Many times I have counted on the help of other artists to create certain pieces of clothing that I might later alter.


This form of art allows me to combine two passions of mine: doll collecting and sci-fi. My first couple of years I work almost exclusively with TV shows and movies like Star Trek and  Star Wars, and TV nostalgia shows like Lost in Space, The Munsters and Batman 1966, among others.  Later I found my inspiration in fantasy and super heroes, from comic books, TV shows and movies.  Recently I have been requested to recreate celebrities like Beyonce or Taylor Swift, which I gladly do, although I must confess that sci-fi is still my primary love.


I was very happy to accept the invitation of  Laurie Leigh to join this group, first of all, because I have been a faithful admirer of her work for many years, and secondly because it has given me the opportunity to exchange information and tricks of the trade with many fellow artists. To find this niche has been a very fulfilling experience."


Monica Kohnke


Monica's dolls are amazing. Head to toe perfection. She is very detail oriented and meticulous. She is not only talented but generous with her time and experience. We are extremely lucky to have her here at The Repaint Society, not only for her gorgeous dolls but for all the time she volunteers to make these projects a success.  Her characters are Warrior Belle and the Evil Queen. Of course, they are completed (because Monica doesn't fool around - she gets things done) and yes, they are amazing.









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