Art vs Artist: Susan Hook

"Susan’s journey to repainting started in a dark past filled with the night terrors induced by the 3 foot tall, unblinking, abomination called the Patty Play Pal doll that stood in her bedroom corner as a child. She emerged scarred, scared and a bit damp from wetting her pants. Her style cramped by ducking and avoiding any interaction with dolls for most of her life, she knew she needed help.


Since she was an artist all of her life, in 2010, she decided to mix her passion with her fear and experimented with the intoxicating elixir called repainting. The wide eyed horror, has blissfully abated to short bouts of panic, induced by her immersion in a room filled with 17” little people staring…. always staring…. The hairs on the back of her neck still stand up when she turns her back on them. Happily, she can leave the studio, and her fears, behind a closed door every day, but there are two padlocks on the door… 'I know they can’t harm me, but you know… just in case.'"


Susan is a doll wizard. Not only does she paint beautifully, she can make wigs, reroot, make costumes and so so much more! She can also sculpt the head and her likenesses are outstanding. We are super lucky to have Susan in The Repaint Society.. she created this website and our logo.


Her characters are The Huntsman and Prince Charming. Of course, they are going to be spectacular.







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