Art vs Artist: Shari Marscheider


Hi, my name is Shari Marscheider.  I paint under the pseudonym SashaBleu. Unlike most of the artists in this incredible Society, I don't have any formal art training.  I started drawing at age 15.  I have always been in love with movies (especially Star Wars- the first movie I ever saw) and comic books, (mostly Marvel), Japanese Anime, and everything Disney.   I am a total fan girl.  Drawing was my way of expressing my passion.  I would fill every inch of wall space in my room with hand drawn posters of all my favorite characters.


In 2000, I bought my first computer and joined the Ebay community.  While I was just browsing one day,  I came across this incredible repaint doll.  I had never bought or collected dolls.  This magnificent doll was a Gene doll repainted by Laurie Leigh as a Vampire.  At the time I was obsessed with all things Anne Rice and "The Vampire Lestat".   I had to have it.  As my luck goes, I was also paying back student loans at the time; so, there was no way I could actually afford to buy the doll.  I saved and printed out every picture.  Then, I found other repaint artists, like Noel Cruz (OMG! More printing and saving pictures).  I even found one who made Star Wars dolls and others who made Star Wars doll clothing.  I was in fan-girl-geek Heaven.  So, one day, discount coupon in hand, I went shopping at Michaels for paints and brushes and my repaint adventures began.  (I guess "adventures" is a polite word for "my first attempts at repainting completely sucked").  I continued to practice and learn every day.....


Today, I am still a total fan girl.  The dolls I create are mostly inspired by movies, TV, comics and Hollywood Superstars.  I sell regularly on Ebay.  Once Upon a Time is actually one of my favorite TV shows, so I can't wait to see everyone else's creations.  I am honored to be a part of this Society and am in complete awe of all the talented individuals in this group. I hope that I can someday inspire someone else, like these artists inspired (and continue to inspire) me.


Great Big Hugs, SashaB


We are very excited to have Shari on board! She will be creating Princess Anna from OUaT's Frozen. Shari is amazing at likenesses so we are positive her Anna will be AMAZING. 





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