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An Interview with Laurie Leigh

By Samantha Danson 


Today we talk with The Repaint Society founder, Beautiful Faces'

Laurie Leigh. Along with co-organizing the group shows, Laurie Leigh has a full plate of commission work and side projects so I was

thrilled to nab some of her time and get her thoughts on The Repaint

Society and the upcoming show.



How many shows have you been involved with?


All of them so this makes the 5th.


How long does a TRS project generally take for you?


It does depend on the project but I give myself about two weeks per

doll working on that doll alone. This does not include the time to

gather all of the supplies.


What's the hardest/best thing about participating?


The most difficult part for me is finding a happy balance between my

personal work and the needs of the show. Because I am running the show

with Susan and Monica, it takes a lot of time from my other work.


The best part is the camaraderie between the artists, the bonds that

have been formed and the support of each other as artists. We have

truly come together as a community of like-minded people. It is a very

solitary occupation so having this group has helped me in the sense

that I am not alone in this. I have someone to talk to. It is pretty



We also learn a great deal from each other.


What's your personal favorite TRS achievement?


Ariel's tail, hands down. I am most proud of that. One of the rare

dolls I didn't want to part with.


What's the most expensive element you've incorporated?


Well, personally it would be purchasing costumes for some of the

projects. Though sometimes making it yourself can be just as expensive as buying it. Even more so with the hunt for the perfect fabric, accessories, the amount of time you take to make

it. Next would be the dolls. They are expensive on their own.



What excites you most about this show?


This show I am most excited about the creativity involved. In the

past, we have made little miniatures of characters and that is very

fun and challenging but this time we get to decide all of the details.

We have creative freedom. We are creating our own character and story.


Why did you pick your character?




How did you decide your mash up?


It just came to me when the idea was being tossed around. I knew

exactly what I was going to do.



What will be your greatest challenge in creating her?


The sculpting. I am doing something I haven't done before so I am

excited about that.



Thanks so much, Laurie Leigh! Can't wait to see how she turns out!






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