An Interview with Lisa Ramsammy


By Samantha Danson



Today we catch up with the super talented Canadian artist Lisa Ramsammy of The Doll Place. Whether it's tiny 12" Integrity faces or fully costumed Tonners, Lisa is equally at home knocking them out of the park.



How many shows have you been involved with?


I've been involved with every TRS project from its birth.


How long does a TRS project generally take for you?


Each individual TRS project doll takes me about 2 months.


What's the hardest/best thing about participating?


The hardest thing I'd say is only the pressure of completing on time,

the fear of letting the group down.


The best thing about participating for me is the group effort, the

sharing of tips and ideas, the encouragement and support every step of

the way from other members; it's such a beautiful thing.


What's your personal favorite TRS achievement?


My favorite personal achievement in a TRS project was the face and

costuming of GOT Jon Snow.


What's the most expensive element you've incorporated?


The most expensive element of a project was the base Tonner doll to

create OUAT  "Hook" which, besides the price, it's near impossible to



What excites you most about this show?


What is most exciting about this show is that we have our own take on

the character which will make for a truly unique piece of art.


Why did you pick your character?


I chose Red Riding Hood because I think she could be anything

imaginable; edgy, wicked, fierce, or sweet. Besides, I like the color

red. :)


How did you decide your concept?


Truly I haven't decided my concept because of a thousand ideas

swirling in my head but I'm leaning to a very strong beautiful

character with a twist.


What will be your greatest challenge in creating her?


My greatest challenge in creating her, as with any character, is being

able to sew and construct the costume.


Thanks so much, Lisa! We're sure whatever direction you take Red,

we'll love her.






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