An Interview with Anne Motzler


By Samantha Danson




Repainter Anne Motzler has been a fairytale fan for years and loves recreating her favorite movie characters. Today we hear about her

dream project where she gets to do both!


How many shows have you been involved with?


I was involved in 2 shows, Once Upon a Time and Doll Wars/Star Wars.


How long does a TRS project generally take for you?


Depends a little bit on how detailed I want a doll and the time I have to work on it but I would say with material search, research...between

1-2 months.


What's the hardest/best thing about participating?


Haha the hardest thing is to finish the doll in time and the rest is

just soooo much fun. Love being a part of this and it is so amazing to

see all the beautiful results of every show.


What's your personal favorite TRS achievement?


I think I am most proud of my Snow Queen even if she doesn't look like

the actress lol.


What's the most expensive element you've incorporated?


I think the most expensive element, besides the dolls, was the chantilly

lace for the Snow Queen.


What excites you most about this show?


That we all make our own designs. That's so cool! And to see all the

results. I am a big Disney fan so this is just my show.


Why did you pick your character?


Enchanted is one of my favorite movies and I love Giselle. As soon as

the choice for the new show was clear, I was praying that nobody

picked her.


How did you decide your concept?


The idea to turn her into a hunter was very early in my head. Then I

rewatched the movie and Edward is hunting a troll so she was born as

Troll Hunter. And I love steampunk so it was logical that this would

be involved.


What will be your greatest challenge in creating her?


I think the challenge will be making her to look like she is in my



Giselle is in great hands with you, Anne! Thanks so much for sharing with us.






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