Sneak Peek: Rua-Guardian of The Forest by Lisa Ramsammy-The Doll Place

"A princess in a red hood known to none at all... some may say they met her at the end of her sword."

This is the story of Red Riding Hood - Princess Rua, Guardian of the Forest.


Long ago in a time gone past there was a great Kingdom called Ossory. It was ruled by King Lochlan and Queen Caitriona, descendants of a line of Irish werewolf warriors, protectors of the helpless and lost in the forest. They had a daughter, Princess Rua, whom they named after the Gaelic word for "Red". 

The kingdom was prosperous and peaceful, but an ancient curse prevailed, by which every seven years the spirits of one pair -man and woman- transform into wolves, leaving their sleeping bodies until such time as their spirits re-enter. Their bodies protected so no harm should fall upon them lest they remain in wolf form forever.

Tragically, just after Princess Rua's birth her parents fell under the curse. Her evil uncle Domnall, who sought the throne for himself, killed her parents whilst their spiritless bodies lay asleep.

He searched in vain for Rua to do away with the infant, but she had already been smuggled away by a loving and loyal servant, who took her to the safety of the forest. This servant loved Rua like her own daughter. She made her a red hooded cloak to protect her identity and affectionately dubbed her "Little Red". The servant's husband taught "Red" to fight and defend herself. As she grew she became a skilled fighter.

Her parents, now doomed to be in wolf form forever, could only watch her from afar, always protecting her. She always wondered why two wolves always followed her quietly in childhood and she knew no fear.

When Red turned sixteen the servant told her what had befallen her parents. She is resolved to protect the innocent, injured and lost  wandering through the forest along with her two faithful wolf companions, until a day she can seek revenge upon her evil uncle and take back her kingdom.

" A princess in a red hood known to none at all... some may say they met her at the end of her sword" "Red Riding Hood”.

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