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Sneak Peek: Briar Rose: Queen of Thorns by Dolls by Cheryl Jax

Evil Transformed! 

When last we saw Aurora, she was having a romantic dance with her dreamy Prince Phillip, but back in the thorn brush, a tiny part of Maleficent remained. This part grew stronger by the day, until one day, many years later, she became full strength and was out for vengeance.  She struck out at Aurora and Prince Phillip by kidnapping Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather.  She kept them in a faraway dungeon through space and time, which only her magic could reach. 


At the fairies house, Maleficent left a note, tacked to the small spinning wheel which had pricked Aurora’s finger those many years.  The note read:


“We have a score to settle, Aurora, you and me. Don’t rely on your darling husband for your salvation this time, you wretched soul. If he comes with you, I have a spell in place which will kill him, slowly and excruciating. Trust me, my little fool, you do not want his death on your head.  I challenge you to a battle to the death in a fortnight at midnight. Just you and me. Your wit and courage against my magnificent magic. Until then, Maleficent.”


Aurora was horrified to learn that Flora, Fauna and Merriweather were at the mercy of Maleficent, so she went to the person that she trusted most in this world, her Mother, Queen Leah. Leah had a shocking secret to share with Princess Aurora – behind her demure façade, Leah was actually a powerful Sorceress. She hatched a plan to help her daughter – first, she gathered the remnants of the magical thorns to create a crown to help protect her lovely daughter. She also gathered up the feathers of the magical and mysterious bird called the Chipping Rosalind, created a glorious voluminous cape, and enchanted them to become as hard as steel when Aurora used her own magical power – her singing voice. This cape became an invisible shield which no evil could destroy. Aurora hugged and thanked her Mother, and solemnly left. 


The night of the battle arrived, and Aurora nervously prepared. She put on her crown of thorns, her magical cape, and cautiously entered the clearing.  She saw the curled horns come creeping over the horizon, and the green glow emanating from the evil witches pores. As soon as she was close, Aurora began to sing, and Maleficent began to laugh, thinking her a ridiculous excuse of a girl, without even a weapon to protect herself. Maleficent raised her magical staff, ready to send the deathly blow, when with one piercing but beautiful high note, sparks flew from Aurora’s crown of thorns. These sparks raced their way across the meadow and pierced the heart of the evil Maleficent. She disappeared into ashes. As Aurora approached, she saw In the ashes that were left behind, a tiny dragon who snuffled and sneezed. The dragon looked up at Aurora, and with a sweet voice said, 


“I am the good that was once Maleficent, before her evil poisoned her. I vow to protect you and your family with all that I am. Aurora, Queen of Thorns, Briar Rose, or whatever name you may choose, I am forever your humble and obedient servant." 


Aurora picked up the small dragon and wearily headed back to her kingdom.


And so, with the evil that was Maleficent gone, Aurora returned home victorious, a glorious warrior Queen, left to reign over her land with strength, beauty, the magical voice of an angel, and a trustworthy dragon by her side. But just for a moment, a fraction of a second, the dragon eerily glowed a familiar shade of green………

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